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Amount of toothgel to use defers for childrens‘ age:
1-3 years old: A rice grain size
3 years old and above: A pea size

  • To clear mucus from baby’s nose
  • Safely control flow and strength of suction with your own breathing
  • Mucus are extracted and trapped in bottle
  • Enhanced with backflow prevention valves
  • Transparent bottle and tube allows easy observation of mucous extraction
  • Rounded nozzle tip which is gentle on baby’s nose
  • BPA Free

Sterilization Method    :    Pour hot water over brush after thoroughly scrubbing it
Material    :    Grip    –    Polypropylene & TPE
Brush head    –    Nylon
Product Code    :    11830 (Green)


How do I use it?

Apply a pea-size amount of toothpaste to the bristles, and gently brush each quadrant of the child’s mouth for 30 seconds. Total brushing time should last for 2 minutes. Brush twice daily. Requires 1 x AAA battery to operate. Battery not included.


- Suitable for 6-18 months
- PIGEON Training Toothbrush Set can be used for all stages of tooth growth – consists of Training Toothbrush Lesson 
  1, 2 and 3
-  BPA Free


Sterilization Method    :     Boiling, Steam, Chemical
Material                       :    Grip – Polypropylene & TPE / Brush head – TPE
Product Code              :     11827 (Pink) / 11828 (Green)


Sterilization Method    :     Boiling, Steam, Chemical
Material    :    Grip – Polypropylene & TPE / Brush head – TPE
Product Code    :    11829