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  • PIGEON Comfy Feel Breast Pads (12s / 60s)Available in 12s per box / 60s per boxDesigned for all-day comfort, its ultra-soft pad reduces the likelihood of nipple abrasion.
  • It is also lined with aloe vera extract for added moisturization.
  • The breast pads stay firmly in place with improved adhesive and fit discreetly under clothing.
  • Made from a super absorbent polymer material, it is also breathable and leak proof. • Dermatologically Tested – Gentle on delicate skin• Moisturize Skin with Aloe Vera Extract – Giving you all-day comfort• Leak Proof Coverage – Makes you feel secure at all time• Feel Fresh all day – Breathable lining keeps skin fresh and dry all day• Individually wrapped for hygiene

A functional tool to draw out inverted or flat nipples using natural air suction. Gentle and has some massage effects to ‘open’ mammary glands.

Accessories : Pump Body, Funnel (2pcs), Bottle Stand/Cover (2pcs), Tube Connector (2pcs), Wide-neck Adapter (2pcs), Lid (2pcs), Cap (2pcs), Hood (2pcs), Sealing Disc (2pcs), Bottle (2pcs), Tube (2pcs), Inner Cup (2pcs), Milk Valves (2 pcs), Nipple (2pcs), Motor Pump Unit, Power Adapter, USB Cable.
Sterilization Method : Boiling, Steam, Microwave, Chemical
*Do not wash or sterilize AC adaptor, motor and silicone tube
Material : Main body / flange / bottle stand / hood / cap / bottle – Polypropylene
Tube, Inner Cup, Milk Valve, Nipple – Silicone rubber
Flange Size : Regular 23mm
Available Spare Parts : Funnel Cushion – Regular/Large, Funnel – Large
Product Code : 78140    
Motor Unit Weight : 145g; Dimensions: 130mm (L) x 49.3mm (W) x 37.5mm (H)
Power Adapter : Input: AC100-240v 50/60Hz
Output: 5v