MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic 260ml (2+ Mths) - Single Bottle (B226)
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Brand MAM
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 7 cm x 20 cm
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260ml comes with teat 2m+

Product Description
~ 80% of mothers confirm less colic, gas and regurgitation are reduced and babies enjoy a relaxed feeding
~ Baby approved: 94% of babies* accept the MAM Teat, thanks to its SkinSoft surface
~ The MAM Teat has a unique flat shape that fits perfectly in baby’s mouth for a familiar feeling
~ MAM’s innovative vented base allows babies to comfortably drink at their own pace
~ Self-sterilising function is safe and perfect for mums and babies who are always on the go!
~ Double sided printing - large, graduated scale on one side and adorable designs on the other
MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle now is a range of four different sizes – 130 ml and 160 ml for newborns, 260 ml for 2+months, and the new 320 ml for 4+months
~ MAM Teat is available in five different flow rates - Slow flow (0+ months), Medium flow (2+ months), Fast flow (4+ months), Spill-free fast flow (4+ months) and Extra fast flow for thicker liquids (6+ months)

What's in the box

What's Included:
Capacity: 260ml 
Teat: Size 2 (2m+)
Packaging: Single Pack (2 Bottles)