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Basilic Stainless Steel Spoon & fork set (Comes with Box) - D286
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Basilic Stainless Steel Spoon & fork set (Comes with Box) - D286
Price RM27.90 RM35.90
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- Feeding spoon & fork
- PP & stainless steel
- Bisphenol A-Free
- Storage box is hygienic and easy for carrying.
- For 24 months and above

Basilic provides and serve mothers everywhere with quality baby products. The Basilic Fork & Spoon set is made for babies who are currently training to self-feed or for mothers to feed their babies with. The high quality design of the spoon and fork makes it extremely durable and easy for baby or mothers to use.

The Basilic Spoon Set is made from a combination of high quality materials such as Polypropylene and stainless steel. This makes the spoon extremely durable and makes it easier for your child to grip the spoon without slipping. Besides that, the set is also BPA free making it safe for child. After use, the spoon and fork can be easily cleaned and kept away ready to be used again.

Nurturing Your Baby
Basilic has been providing babies and parents with products that are convenient and innovative for over 23 years. Each product has been specially designed to make the baby’s growth and development more intuitive and fun! From sippy cups that encourage those first attempts at grown-up drinking to weaning spoons that respond to tender tongues, Basilic makes safety and functionality a priority, helping mum, dad and baby enjoy every step of the experience.