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Basilic PES Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle 360ml - D065
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Product SKU BASILIC_D065

- PES wide neck bottle
- 360 ml
- Heat-proof and nontoxic anti-colic teat/nipple (M)
- Bisphenol A-free

Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have. It is challenging yet immensely rewarding. Obtaining the best tools to aid you in this undertaking is key, especially when dealing with infants. Introducing the Basilic PES Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle that comes with an Anti-Colic teat, an essential tool that provides an easy and comfortable feeding experience every time!

Why use a PES Feeding Bottle?
Using a Polyethersulfone or PES bottle is highly beneficial. This eco-friendly bottle is free of 65 kinds of chemical substances that include environmental hormones. It is heat resistant to temperatures of up to 180°C, which includes boiling water & steam sterilizer. PES bottles are more durable and less fragile than glass bottle, yet it maintains the safe characteristics of the glass. It is BPA-free, making it exceptionally safe for use and toxin free.

Anti-Colic Silicone Teat
There are several reasons why an anti-colic teat is the best way to go; first it reduces the probability leakage and it does not clog around the nipple hole. This incredible teat has a reputation of shortening feeding time; babies love the soft and easy sucking design. The teat is designed to reduce significantly the air taken in by your little one while feeding, ensuring a smooth milk flow all throughout. It ensures that the air enters the bottom of the bottle, and not your baby’s tummy! This silicone teat is heat resistant and non-toxic.

Designed for Comfort
The Basilic PES Feeding Bottle is especially designed to give you and your baby comfort. The enticing cow design adds personality and a touch whimsy to your babywear. Give your baby the best with the Basilic PES Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle with Anti-Colic Teat today!