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Basilic milk powder dispenser (jeans shape) - D016
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Basilic milk powder dispenser (jeans shape) - D016
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Basilic Milk Powder Dispenser - Jeans Shape

Double compartment
BPA Free
Airtight seals
Independent opener keeps clean and hygienic

For a portable milk storage solution, trust in Basilic's range of milk powder dispenders to do the job well. It comes in various attractive colours and designs, suitable for reflecting your child's innocence and youthfulness.

Adorable and functional
These jean-shaped milk powder dispensers have two separate compartments with a shared airtight seal and individual funnel closings. Each compartment can store up to 8 scoops of milk powder - enough for your baby's daily consumptions. The funnel can easily be attached to the bottle, ensuring easy and spill-free transfer. Basilic milk powder dispenser is ideal for travel purposes.