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Basilic milk powder dispenser (cow shape - 4 compartments with bags) - D019
RM43.00 RM53.90
Basilic milk powder dispenser (cow shape - 4 compartments with bags) - D019
Price RM43.00 RM53.90
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Preparing for a newborn in the house can be a nuisance especially with all the products out there for you to choose from. Which would be suitable for your baby? What are the essentials that your baby will need? Can the brand be trusted? Will the products last for a long period of time? Hang in there, we have the solutions for all the basic things that you need when you have a newborn. So don’t stress out and look over the Basilic Baby’s Products; you will definitely find the one that would suit your baby’s needs.

Ideal Milk Dispenser With Bag
Choosing the essentials from Basilic means you have the reassurance of quality products, designed with you and your baby's needs in mind. The Basilic Milk Powder Dispenser Cow Shape is specially made to keep the milk powder when you are travelling with your baby. This dispenser is designed with four separate compartments with individual lid. The special shape makes it easier for you to get milk powder from just one section without interrupting the other section. Simply pour a section of pre-measured powder into a bottle and add water for the instant feeding anywhere. No mess and no hassle!

Safe Usage
This milk powder dispenser is made of non-toxic plastic material making it completely safe to store your baby’s milk powder. The products from Basilic will help you keep whatever you need convenient. We have it all made just the way you need them to be!

Usage instructions
Rinse and dry all parts before and after use.
Do not put into the sterilizer or rinse with too hot water to avoid PP product deformation due to high temperature.